Goose Sucks Arena

by Goose Sucks Arena

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A collective of crappy like-minded people. Not entirely sure what a "collective" is. Do two people count?


released March 13, 2015

Track 4 written by Happy Diving. Check them out.

Track 8 written by Pedro the Lion. You already love him.



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Goose Sucks Arena Racine, Wisconsin


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Track Name: Special Delivery, Motherfricker
Spent the winter at goose sucks arena, taking out our anger on each other
Unhealthy, unconscious and bloody, dying for the warmer weather.
And we drew pictures on our Vans, initials of all our best friends,
And death seemed like a distant thing, nothing was embarrassing.

Spent two nights in Milwaukee making fun of all the Tumblr kids,
And its so much better when you realize that everyone is miserable
And you make the most of what you have.

Two right hooks and a left on Aidan in the garage.
Now we're fine, it's looking up,
Spent the night on Evan's floor and painted Trash Talk graffiti all over south Milwaukee, its the only thing that I know how to draw.

I have never been so tired but I finally feel fine.
Track Name: New Old Friends?
The summer is over now, I'll see you just about every six weekends or so
When you come back home
And I spend most of my time in between imagining that I'm the one you've been the most looking forward to catching up with in the foyer or the back hall where you talk to your "old friends"

A title I'm not sure I've ever had the privilege of being referred to as.

Except maybe every six weekend when you would come back home, and we would talk about the things that we learning in school.
I know my life seems so boring to you.
I know your parents would never trust me with you.
I know I seem so simple to you, but you should how much you just made me so happy when you'd come back home.
Track Name: Human Pyramid
How are you supposed to know what it feels like
to be on top of the world?
When all you've ever known is
being at the bottom
of those human pyramids
you used to make in middle school with all of your long lost friends.
now they don't even know you
and you're over here still worrying about split ends
How do you live?
How do you breathe?
knowing that every one of those so called "friends" had 50 more important needs than you
and I know that you're looking for more
Because I've been in your spot a time or two before
Track Name: Detroit
Maybe you'll find that treating people right is more unique and fulfilling than you ever thought it could be.

I think it's worth a try.
Track Name: Driveway
Come out here, I'm in the driveway.
I wrote a symphony for you.

I wish that I could make it snow, so you'd look out your window and see me here in the driveway.

You'd come out and listen and you'd be proud of me.