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Celebrating one year of GSA


released May 3, 2016



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Goose Sucks Arena Racine, Wisconsin


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Track Name: Full Time Job
Forty hours a week I've been lending my mind to the thought of all the pain and all the suffering that I could have avoided in mine and my loved one's lives if I had just been selfless at a given date or time.

But see, I've made mistakes not even time can take away. I've been waiting since they happened and I'll be waiting till the grave to get my hands on this peace that historically evades. Lately my shoulders hurt under the weight of all these hopeless days.

I feel so let down by everyone I love. But the worst part about it is I know they feel the same about me tenfold.

It's my full time job.
Track Name: Blew It Yourself
I don't care if you don't listen or like anything that I've ever written.
All your finished songs are our demos, and half the time we're just messing around.

Everybody's got depression. Everyone has some family situation. It's so good for exploitation on stage for a couple tears and a couple "hey, good set man"'s.

I wanna go home, I can't even breathe here anymore.
I wanna go home. I wanna skate on the driveway with my friends.
Wanna car mosh on Airline by Jonathan's.

I don't fit in, so I guess it's good news that I don't if you don't listen or like anything that we've ever written.
Track Name: Happy Birthday GSA
So it's your birthday, no one cares.
Fifty thousand Facebook posts from people you haven't seen in years.
So "happy birthday" to you. You're one year older now but nobody cares about you.

So it's your birthday, and you've been used fifty thousand times by people who don't love you. But I guess that's life isn't it?

Happy birthday, I'll see you next year if we make it.